Journey Kids

Journey Kids

Journey Kids is our ministry for kids from 1st through 5th grade.  Journey Kids Jr. is for children from newborn through preschool.

Journey Kids and Journey Kids Jr. include preschool and elementary
Kids in Journey Kids Jr.

Journey Kids Jr.

As a child enters into our preschool ministry called Journey Kids Jr., they will discover the most important of lessons: Jesus Loves Me. Through use of games, songs, activities and videos, a child will learn how much God truly loves them.

Journey Kids

As they move on to our elementary area, your child takes the lessons learned and builds upon them into application: Jesus Loves Me, I Can Love Others. Through a 5 year plan, your child will utilize all of their senses to learn how to demonstrate the love of Christ in their own lives and to others.

Check-in and safety

We want to ensure that your child remains safe as they learn about God’s love. We ask that all children go through check-in each week. Parents will receive a name tag that they will use to pick up their child at the end of services. Children receive a name tag that includes a matching number to ensure someone doesn’t get picked up by an unauthorized individual.

What can I expect on Sunday mornings?

For Journey Kids, as a child enters into the room they will immediately see a variety of activities to help ease their fears. Movies, Video Games and other stations will help ease your child into a new environment. Families will be greeted by a warm smile from one of our volunteers who are available to answer questions. Once activities begin, your child will lose all track of time and don’t be surprised if they don’t want to leave!

For Journey Kids Jr., your child can expect to be greeted warmly by one of our volunteers as they enter the classroom. Colorfully decorated rooms filled with age appropriate activities will help ease your child’s fears. Once the lesson begins, your child will be taken on adventures through our curriculum, Elevate Jr.