Can Science Explain Everything?

Can Science Explain Everything?

Want to know whether science can explain everything that needs to be explained?

Here are links to resources that will enable you to do some independent study about science and whether it is able to explain everything.  Share this valuable information with your your friends, family and co-workers!

Please note that there are a wide variety of views included in these links and some of content may include spiritual positions which The Journey does not support.  As we communicate in our What We Believe page, we promote unity in our essential beliefs and liberty in non-essential beliefs.  In all our beliefs, we show love.

Message Series: Can Science Explain Everything?

Week 1: Asking the Right Questions

Week 2: Can You Trust the Bible?

Week 3: Friends and Enemies

Week 4:  Do Miracles Contradict Science

Book Recommendations

Can Science Explain Everything ?

Oxford Maths Professor and Christian believer Prof. John Lennox offers a fresh way of thinking about science and Christianity that dispels the common misconceptions about both. He reveals that not only are they not opposed, but they can and must mix to give us a fuller understanding of the universe and the meaning of our existence.

This book forms the basic outline for our message series (see links to weekly messages above).

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The Case for a Creator

In this New York Times bestselling book, award-winning Chicago Tribune journalist Lee Strobel investigates and unpacks the scientific evidence that points toward God.

“My road to atheism was paved by science . . . but, ironically, so was my later journey to God,” Strobel says. Join Strobel as he reexamines the theories that once led him away from God. Through his compelling and highly readable account, you’ll encounter the mind-stretching discoveries from cosmology, cellular biology, DNA research, astronomy, physics, and human consciousness that present astonishing evidence in The Case for a Creator.

The Case for a Creator — Student Edition

In The Case for a Creator—Student Edition, best-selling author and former atheist Lee Strobel and popular writer Jane Vogel take younger readers on a remarkable investigation into the origin of the universe, interviewing many of the world’s most renown scientists and following the evidence wherever it leads.Their findings—presented in the third blockbuster “Case” book student edition—offer the most compelling scientific proof ever for intelligent design. Perfect for youth groups and young people eager to rebut the Darwinian and naturalistic views taught so commonly in schools.

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The Case for Miracles

This provocative book starts with an unlikely interview in which America’s foremost skeptic builds a seemingly persuasive case against the miraculous. But then Strobel travels the country to quiz scholars to see whether they can offer solid answers to atheist objections. Along the way, he encounters astounding accounts of healings and other phenomena that simply cannot be explained away by naturalistic causes. The book features the results of exclusive new scientific polling that shows miracle accounts are much more common than people think.

The Case for Miracles — Student Edition

From the well-renowned, bestselling series exploring the life of Jesus and what it means to be a Christian, The Case for Miracles Student Edition tackles tough questions about God, Jesus, and miracles, offering historical evidence that miracles are possible.

Mixing light-hearted prose and a conversational style with facts, research, and true stories, The Case for Miracles Student Edition brings the miracles and ministry of Jesus to life.


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Reasons To Believe

The Reason To Believe organization’s mission is to spread the Christian Gospel by demonstrating that sound reason and scientific research—including the very latest discoveries—consistently support, rather than erode, confidence in the truth of the Bible and faith in the personal, transcendent God revealed in both Scripture and nature.

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BreakPoint Podcast

The Colson Center for Christian Worldview is a ministry that equips Christians to live out their faith with clarity, confidence, and courage in this cultural moment. They produce the BreakPoint podcast which cuts through the fog of relativism and the news cycle with truth and compassion. The Colson Center also provides training intended to unlock every believer’s calling to restore culture.


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YouTube Channels

Check out “One Minute Apologist” and other search terms related to your special interests!

Also on YouTube: Search for videos on any of these 3 apologists that you should know:

  • William Lane Craig
  • Ravi Zacharias
  • Lee Strobel