New “Text-to-Church” cell phone features are available!

There are several new ways to use your cell phone to register for events, access Sunday morning messages or update your information in our church database.

Brief Highlight

If you want to give it a quick try, just text “Banquet” to that new number above and click on the link that is texted back to you. Voila, if you are in our database, your basic information is pre-populated into the registration form!

Not sure of the Event Keyword to text?  Simply text “Events” to 512-337-2577 to see the Text-to-Church keywords for events that are currently available.

See more information and details below.

The Whole Enchilada

Text-to-Church makes it easier for you to 1) access Sunday morning messages, 2) correct your information in ChurchTeams, and 3) register for events as shown above.


Access Sunday Morning Messages – Miss a Sunday morning and don’t want to miss out? No problem. If you text “Messages” to 512-337-2577 and click the link in the reply, you will get a list of the Sunday morning messages and you can easily click on “Listen” to hear the one you missed.

Correct Your Information in ChurchTeams – If you have a new email address or phone number, you can text “Me” to 512-337-2577 and click the link in the reply. Then click on “Update My Information” so you can make that update. That will help us get in touch with you when needed.

Event Registration – If you ever registered for a Journey event, you can now do this more easily from your cell phone. One event currently available for registration is the Couples’ Banquet. To register using your cell phone, just text “Banquet” to 512-337-2577. Click on the link in the response to go directly to the registration form. Text “Events” to see what event keywords are currently available.

 Coming Soon

In the near future, we’ll explain how you can Text-to-Give and Text-to-Check-in. But that’s all for now.

If you have questions or feedback, contact John Peterson at john@journeybf.com.