This Week on The Journey

This Week on The Journey

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 Current Series:  Impulse: Motivations of the Newborn Church
This Week’s Message:  Multiplication 
This Week’s Passages:  Acts  chapters 13 & 14

Reminder of your application from Sunday’s message:
Be open to join what God is doing around you and be confident that the Lord is working when you share the Gospel faithfully.

Spiritual habits: 
Add this reading to your weekly spiritual exercises: 
Acts chapters 13 & 14.  Important:  Read carefully and note significant events and people in these chapters.

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The World and Everything in it  (Subscribe to podcasts)  (Subscribe to podcasts)

When you worship through financial giving…
You provide your Journey staff members with a livable wage.Thank you!

REFRESH happens every Sunday Night from 4:30 – 6 pm for all students 6th-12th grade. This Sunday we are starting a new series called “Worlds Apart”.

  • No two worlds seem further apart than the worlds of science and faith. In fact, sometimes the two seem so far apart that it feels like we have to pick a side.  But, are science and faith really as far from each other as we’ve been led to believe?  In this series, we’ll discover that the more we learn about the way the world works, the more we’ll learn about the One behind it all.
    • WEEK 1:  Science and faith can exist in the same space.
    • WEEK 2:  You can trust Someone before you know everything.
    • WEEK 3:  Build your faith on what matters most.

SHINE 2019: SHINE is our annual Christmas generosity project. We will be introducing the vision and opportunities this coming Sunday. Get ready to SHINE!

Kids Outdoor Zone – November 16 – 9 am – 2 pm: This month’s theme is: Deer Hunting. All boys ages 8-18 are invited to join us at The Journey campus at 9 AM. We will be learning about deer hunting, knife safety, and fire building. Parents are invited to join us for lunch at 1 pm to celebrate the Journey KOZ 5th Anniversary. Parent pick-up is at 2 pm.

Faithful with Finances – A 30-Day Journey to “Well Done!”  Too many of us spend the majority of our lives in pursuit of, in protection of, and stressed out about…money. Where can we go for a proper view of wealth and its purposes? For the Christian, the ‘go-to’ person for financial wisdom is Jesus himself. ‘Faithful With Finances’ will help you move toward contentment and financial peace. Simply click the link HERE and download your FWF study and prayer focus for the week. 


Thanks-Giving Back Meal at The Journey – November 24:  Join us for a church-wide Thanksgiving potluck lunch that will also mark the start of our Christmas Food and Clothing Drive for Hill Country Community Ministries.

Please follow these guidelines when deciding what food to bring:

Families with last name beginning with A-M:  Meat – Please bring enough to serve 12 people. Suggested types are turkey, ham, brisket or wild game.

Families with last name beginning N-Z:  Sides – Please bring enough to serve 12 people. Suggested types are mashed potatoes, stuffing, green beans, salads, casseroles, cranberry, sweet potato, or other thanksgiving sides your family traditionally has.

Bread and Dessert provided by The Journey.

Note:  It is not required that you bring something that is gluten free, but if you would like to do so, please label it as “Gluten Free” so folks will know.

Lord’s Supper – December 1 – The Lord’s Supper is a reminder of what Jesus did in the past, a symbol of our present relationship with him, and a promise of what he will do in the future. Please join us as we celebrate the Lord’s Supper on the 1st in both services.

Foster Parent Night Out – December 6 from 6 – 9:30 pm: FPNO is a unique opportunity to make a lasting impact on foster families in our community. No training is required, just a desire to invest in children. Volunteers for Odd and Even months are requested–this is a combined event for Nov and Dec. Teens are encouraged to help too. Volunteers plan to serve from 6 – 9:30 pm. Please contact Lonnie Wendling at 865-209-8798 and Paul Nichols at 940-284-8948 for more information.

Prayer walk – December 7 – 3:00 – 5:00 pm – God’s heart is for all people to be saved. The purpose behind walking in the neighborhood is for us to be physically present not only to pray but also to engage with the people we meet. Come join us as we walk in the Cold Springs neighborhood and intercede for them.We will meet at The Journey first and then head over to the community together. This will be our last prayer walk for this year.